Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Neutral brown eye make-up

Hey, Hola, Oi, Ola bloggers,

Today I treated myself to a brand new camera because I really needed a camera that could capture the finer details and not take blurred pictures of my nails, make-up and etc.

In this post, I will be showing you my eye make-up I wore today. Lately I have toned down my make-up and stopped wearing bright eye shadows on my eyes. I suppose it is because I do not feel confident in myself to wear bright, beautiful colours. So I am trying out more neutral colours and I think it looks great on me. I think neutral colours can look great on everyone. You can always pair neutral eyes with a bright colour lipstick.

Eye Make-up of the Day

What colour eye shadow are you wearing on your eyes today?
Do you wear any make-up at all?


stylemebad said...

Your eyeliner came out perfect!!

Tanya said...

@stylemebad: Thank you. I suppose practice makes perfect! :D

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