Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Update On Me

What has been going on lately?

Hey bloggers,
I am finally back home in England. I spent a week in Turkey. The country is so beautiful, I fell in love with the beautiful setting straight away. I also had the experience to watch some amazing Turkish dancers. I also spoiled myself and brought a new handbag and spent the whole week eating lots of junk,swimming in the pool,laying in the sun and had a tour around the area. Not to mention, I had lots of laughs and memories that I will never forget. I had a lovely break I deserved.

I have posted pictures of me below which I took today to show you all the lovely glow I have received from the sun and it's evened out my blemishes. I wish I could keep this sun tan forever, I look like I'm wearing mac foundation. My skin looks so perfect.

Enjoy the pictures below.


JazzyO said...

Your skin looks great!
Glad you're back, you're lucky to have traveled there!


John B. Marine said...

Truly charming looks of yours. You look like a young queen. Glad you liked Turkey.

Tanya said...

@JazzyO: Thank you so much sweetie! Yes you are right.

@John B. Marine: Thank you so much :D

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