Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New gear for Uni

I had a super long day today, buying clothes for Uni. I brought my mom with me because she is a good judge of what suits me and what does not suit my image.

She gave me advice on how to wear the jeans below, she suggested they are worn best with heels. She also selected clothing that would fit me as I am not tall, I am 5 foot 0.

My mother has great taste and chose most of the clothes, I only chose the heels as I am obsessed with heels I can hardly walk in.

Tell me what you think the items.

Black flats for Uni my mother chose them.
I fell in love with these heels and had to buy them!!
(leather black shorts) The shorts my mom has always wanted me to buy.

(New jeans) My mom chose these, they are so cute, I can wear them with heels.

I found this skirt in the new look sale

Items from New Look and Next.


Kristi said...

i LOVE the one shoulder dress, thats such a pretty color too. Definitely wear those jeans with heals!!

visit my blog again!

Anonymous said...

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Keirasluckycharm said...

Love that orsnge top? Dress? Its fab ;-)

Tanya said...

Kristi- thank you for commenting, i love the dress too it's my favourite. I certainly will visit your blog again :)

keirasluckycharm- thank you for commenting, i think it's a top but can be worn as a dress also but i will wear it as a top as it is really short.

Weesha said...

love the red dress, beautiful!

Tanya said...

Thank you :)

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