Sunday, 19 July 2009

Hot Red Lips

I wasn't so sure about wearing red lipstick, as it is bright and I don't think it suits me.

The reason I had brought red lipstick, was because I had to play the role of a prostitute for a college show.

A lot of people fear to wear red lipstick because they think it doesn't suit them or maybe another reason. What are your fears about red lipstick?


Who are you Weesha? said...

I love red lips but yea I'm totally hesitant too. Sometimes, I just wear it anyway, screw what anyone else might think :)

Liparazzi said...

I'm extremely scared of red lipstick coz I think it would be too harsh on me...I think it's maybe just about finding the right shade

Indy said...

I think that red looks amazing on you!

I love wearing red lipstick, but when I do sometimes I feel as if it's too shiny or something.

Great blog, girl - amazing style!

Kellie said...

i lovee the red lipstick on you! looks amazing! great blog too!

Fashion-rocks said...

Weesha- Yeah you should wear what you want, don't care about what others might think.

Liparazzi- With red lipstick,once you find the right can pull it off with confidents.

Indy- Thank you.

Kellie- Thank you.

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