Monday, 27 April 2015

Lace Nails

Hi bloggers,

Today I decided to be a little experimental with my nails. I wanted to try out a lace design. 

I painted my nails with a thin coat of a light pink polish. Once this coat dried, I painted a lace design on top of the pink polish. 

I really liked how this design turned out. However, I found it difficult to paint my right-hand as I am right handed. Painting my nails made me appreciate the art of lace and it also made me associate lace with the hippie style.
Have you ever rocked lace nails?


Unknown said...

que bonitas !!
gracias por tu comentario

te invito al canal de youtube :

bsoss y menudo arte con las uñas !!!


Toya's Tales said...

I have never rocked lace nails, but most days I do not even have the patience to paint my nails or to wait for them to dry properly. Your lace nails turned out great.

Tanya said...

@Maite thechicmodeblog: Muchas gracias y de nada!! Yo visite tu youtube. besos

@Toyas Tales:Thank you, sometimes it's good to take an hour out to paint your nails. A little pampering is always good.

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