Monday, 20 April 2015

Fashion Haul

Hi bloggers,

I think this is going to be the biggest haul I have ever done because it will be including some of my purchases from last year and the beginning of this year.

So let's begin with my most favourite purchase.



This is the biker jacket that I wore in my previous blog post. You can read this post here. I brought it from the ASDA's sale. I was really glad to find this jacket as I had been wanting a jacket like this for a long time. This is perfect to wear in Spring and it matches almost everything I have in my wardrobe.

ASDA: £8

I love these slip on pumps. They are perfect for spring, especially if you have problems finding shoes to match an outfit. These pumps match everything that I wear. 

I just love how ASDA has most of the items that I am crushing on lately. They always sell it at a reasonable price too. These pumps are comfy to wear and easy to run around in. They are a must buy! I wish ASDA would have more of these pumps but in different colours because I would definitely buy them!

Glass nail file: £1

I have very weak, thin  and brittle nails. I am always constantly filing my nails. Whenever I research how to get stronger nails, I always find information that tells me to use a glass file. So, I was happy when I found a glass file in Poundland, not only is it reasonable priced-if it does not work for my nails, at least I had only spent one pound.

I also like how this nail file has a nice blue fade. It is very stylish and it also came with a case.

Missguided: £18

My Mom picked out this dress for me. She has good taste in clothes. The dress has a Greek key print and it is also very slimming on my body. It is perfect to wear for all occasions and I love the ribbed effect on the dress.

Missguided: £18

Oh my word! I had to purchase this as soon it first came into their store. I love this basketball t-shirt dress and I cannot wait to wear this in the spring and summer. I also think it would look pretty amazing with a nice tan as I believe this pink would look amazing amongst tanned skin. I just need to purchase some nice trainers to go with this. So keep a look out for an outfit post with this basketball tee in the near future!

Missguided: £10

I brought this amazing dress on Missguided's sale. I was so lucky that they had this dress left in my size. I do not have anywhere to wear this dress to but hopefully I will get the opportunity to wear it. This dress would be gorgeous and perfect to wear in the evening.


Poundworld: £3

I am sure all of you bloggers know about flash tattoos. Well I have always wanted to try them out but sadly, I cannot afford them. So, I found a cheaper alternative at poundworld. Every time I go into this shop, I have to buy one because I am afraid that they will sell out and I might actually like how these tattoos turn out. 

I cannot wait to try these out for summer.


 Sheinside: £4.42

These stylish, chic sunglasses is what I have always wanted. I finally found them on Sheinside. They may not be in trend now but I still want to wear them because they have a unique design on the temple. I cannot wait to wear them in summer.

Just a sidenote, I had problems with these glasses. The first pair that arrived had a permanent smudge on one of the lenses,that would not come off. I had to speak online with sheinside about this problem. In  the end, they decided to send another pair for me. So I am glad they did this because I now have the perfect pair of sunglasses that I had been looking for.

Sheinside: £21.78

On the other hand, I had no problems with this order. I received this product in good condition and I love this playsuit! I cannot wait to wear this. It is so gorgeous and it is a great addition to my clothes collection :)

I am so glad I have finally caught up with blogging about everything I have brought. I really hope you enjoyed this haul and if you have any questions about any of my purchases, do not be afraid to ask in the comments below or contact me by email.

Happy day to everyone :)


Katherine Garcia said...

Love it all, specially this glasses and Missguided dress :)

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing haul!
Love the tattoos!


Mica T said...

Lots of nice purchases! I really like the print on the playsuit, it would look great when worn I think :)

Away From The Blue

Tanya said...

@Katherine Garcia: Thank you so much!

@Couture Carrie: Thank you, I do too!

@Mica T:Thank you so much and you are does look great worn! :)

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