Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Poundland Haul

Hey bloggers,

Today, I went shopping in poundland and I brought a couple of items. I was surprised to see that they have a jewellery range, so I brought the necklace below for £1. I like how it has a rock chic feel to it.
I also brought some bobby pins because I am tired of searching the whole house just for 1 bobby pin. Then I just brought a pack of nail charms and a hair detangler brush. I am not sure if this detangler brush will work well with my hair, so I doubt I will use it in the future.

Here is a picture of me below, wearing the necklace:

What do you think of my haul?


Marija M. said...

That necklace is so cool and edgy, love it! xo

Fashion Pad said...

Cute necklace!!!

Caro * said...

Great necklace and your makeup is beautiful !
Kisses :)

Closet Fashionista said...

That necklace is really cool!
And I know what you mean about bobby pins, how do we manage to lose the whole thing? Probably because it happens gradually so we don't notice, ha ha

Louise said...

This is a wonderful post! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, always returning the support

Deanna Glazebrook said...

Good eye makeup :D Loving the winged eyeliner --I'm still working on this lol.

Because I'm Obsessed

Caro * said...

Have a very nice week beauty :)

Lary Mello said...

wooow love the necklace!!! <3
is amazi ng!
http://www.tastemycloset.com/ | http://www.passionfordenim.com/

Uzo O said...

Hahahahaha...@ "searching the whole house for bobby pins"" that stuff drives me nuts too . Looks like you got some good bargain from poundland.



Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I haven't been to a Poundland in ages I must pay a visit.

Victoria x

Tanya said...

@Marija M.: I agree and thank you, My mom picked it out so I brought it.

@Fashion Pad: Thank you chic!

@ Caro *: Thank you so much!

@Closet Fashionista: Thank you so much and I think you are right haha!

@Louise: Thank you so much and you are welcome. Thanks for the support :) I appreciate it!

@Deanna Glazebrook: Thank you so much. Keep practicing. Sometimes I have my days when I can't get it perfect!

@Lary Mello: Thank you so much! :D

@Uzo O: haha yeah and you have to hold your hair in place and search for one. I really did, I need to go shopping there again but I am disappointed with the hair brush.

@Victoria - Florence and Mary: yeah you need to visit Poundland!

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