Saturday, 30 August 2014

My New Read

Hi bloggers,

Take a look at what I am reading.
It is Nicole Snooki from Jersey Shore. I used to love watching the Jersey Shore and I used to wish I lived in that house with them because they looked like they had so much fun and  they partied a lot. 
The book is called 'A Shore Thing'. I never read books. I am always bored on summer vacation and I never know what to do. And I thought, read! But the problem was what do I read? The last thing I need is a boring book to read which will not gain my interest in reading. 

I had no idea what book to buy for my first read, so I popped into the pound shop and rummaged through the book section. Then I saw Snooki and thought, "ooo what's this?" So I turned the book to the back, hoping it would give me a summary of the book, which was not the summary. So I opened the book and found the summary. All I read was, drinks, parties and summer. That was enough for me to read. And I thought, great! this book is ideal for me as I love summer and parties.

I have not read many pages of this book yet but I spent one night reading it and I finally neglected my laptop and shut it down early and found the book more fascinating than the internet. It also helped me to sleep early.

I cannot wait to read all of this book. Thanks for writing this book Snooki.

Thanks for reading :)


Pilar Bernal Maya said...

I sounds nice!
new post:

Tanya said...

@Pilar Bernal Maya: Yeah, I find this book interesting.

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