Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Drinks for my Birthday

Hey bloggers,

This is a very late post! My birthday has already gone but after coming home from Paris, I was able to celebrate my birthday in England with my family. I went out for a drink.

I am now 23 years of age and I have realised now that I am not getting any younger. View the pictures below to see what I wore.

In these pictures I can see that I have put weight back on now that I am eating my parents cooking again. I think I need a workout to tone up but I am too lazy to do it.

Thank you for reading :)


annick tamoto said...

happy belated birthday to you xx

ELISA said...

Doll, u look lovely!
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Tanya said...

@annick tamoto: Thank you :)

@ELISA: Thank you so much, too bad I didn't feel it.

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