Friday, 12 July 2013

Pointed nails will scratch your eyes out

Hi bloggers,

I am totally in love with the pointed nails trend and I decided to save me a few pounds and do-it-myself at home. I must say I kept accidently scratching myself with these nails and it took me forever to file these down to a pointy shape. They are absolutely gorgeous and I painted the nails with the one nail trend.

Enjoy the pictures:

Thank you for reading


Fashion Pad said...

You did a fabulous job!!! LOVE them!

Chicago Chic said...

Love the nail color combo!

Evelina Emanuelsson said...

Wish I could wear those, not allowed at my job... x

Pauline said...

Great nails

Michelle Verstappen said...

I really LOVE pointy nails! I've got them right now :) But indeed, what a hell of a job to file them... -_-

x. Michelle of

Tanya said...

@Fashion Pad: Thank you :)

@Chicago Chic: Thank you, I love it too :)

@Evelina Emanuelsson: I understand :(

@Pauline: Thank you so much, I tried my best to make them look nice.

@Michelle Verstappen: Oh wow, I'd love to see them! Yes they are hell to file but worth it in the end!

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