Saturday, 18 May 2013

NOTD: Polka dots and hearts

Hi bloggers,

Today I purchased some cute press on nails  because I really wanted some polka dot nails and I did not want to paint them myself-so I thought it would be quicker to apply press on nails. They were easy to apply as I only needed to file my nails and apply the press-on nails with the glue that it came with.

This is how the nails looked when I applied them:

This is how the nails looked after one week:

I also got bored of the nails and decided to paint them with lilac polish. It reminded me of a pretty butterfly. The beautiful lilac next to the polka dots. I think I prefer the nails with the lilac nail polish.

What do you think of my nails? How long do your press on nails last? Do you wear press on nails?

Thank you for reading,


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing mani!
So fun!


Ivette said...

God no, they fall out

Emilie said...

Wauw!! I cannot believe your nails look like that after one week, I have trouble keep my polish on for longer than 2 days hahaha :) Love the design!


Fashion Pad said...

Those press ons look great! I love polka dots so this design is fabulous to me! I haven't tried press on nails in a while but I think I will. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tanya said...

@Couture Carrie: Thank you so much hun. I liked the mani too :)

@Ivette: Yeah they do but I suppose they save me the hassle of painting my nails, which chip the minute I paint them :(

@Emilie: They only lasted this long because they are press on nails and thank you :) I love the design too.

@Fashion Pad: Thank you. It's ok, I love inspiring people, this is why I created the blog :)

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