Saturday, 6 February 2016

On my way to Jamaica!

Hey bloggers,

I am so sorry that it has took this long for me to blog about my trip to Jamaica but it is finally here. Let me tell you that I had an amazing trip. I did not want to leave. I learnt so much out there and I felt as though I grew as a person- just by being around the lovely people in Jamaica. I cried so much as I did not want to wave goodbye to those people! Thinking about my last day still makes me feel like crying. Ugh I hate goodbyes.

Anyway, back on topic. On my first day of my travels, can you believe that I struggled to pack everything that I needed. We had to leave in the morning and I was still packing as soon as I woke up. Can you believe that I forgot to pack my reading glasses and my lipstick collection? So this meant no reading on the plane and I could only create one make-up look on holiday because I had only packed my MAC candy yum yum lipstick. However, I was very lucky really because it was too hot in Jamaica for me to wear my usual make-up, I had to keep make-up to a minimum just to keep my make-up looking fresh.

(Halfway there!)

It was a 9 hour flight but let me tell you that it was the best flight journey I ever had. I will never forget it! I met some lovely people on the plane, especially the woman on the plane that was so entertaining and gave lots of jokes. It made me forget about the time and before I knew it, the plane had landed in Jamaica!

(Beautiful art at the airport)

Oh my word, once I got off the plane, the heat hit me! After having no sun in England, it was good to feel the heat and say goodbye to the winter at last!

Just look at the beautiful view. I fell in love straight away.

I hope you enjoyed this post. When I get more free time, I will post about the rest of my trip. So stay tuned!


Carina Vardie said...

Awesome pictures! Have fun!


Fashion Pad said...

I love Jamaica as well. My mother and I took a trip there last June. We had the time of our lives. It's also the home country of my father, so it's like going home to me. Can't wait for more pictures!

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