Thursday, 22 January 2015

How To Keep Warm During Winter

Hi bloggers,

I decided to do something different for you all. Instead of doing a haul of winter clothing, I decided to share some of my tips on how I keep warm during the cold winter.

1. Wear a onesie.
A onesie will get you through those cold nights. I am loving my new onesie. It keeps me warm.

Onesie: 24studio|

2. A hot cuppa.
A hot drink is ideal  for keeping warm. Today, I chose to drink a malteser's hot chocolate and it was delicious! yum!

3. Get your gloves out.

Gloves protect your hands from the cold, harsh weather. I am wearing these super soft, fluffy gloves from Tesco. They are £3 and they keep my hands warm.

4. Scarf
Scarves are a must have this season. In the picture above, I am wearing a snood. I do not have to go through the hassle of tying my scarf, I can just throw on my snood and head outdoors.

5. Bed slippers
|H&M: Bed slippers|

Kick off your shoes and slip on your warm, cozy bed slippers. I am wearing these cute slippers from H&M. They are really warm so I will only wear them if my feet.

6. Layers
If you are really cold, remember to wear lots of layers when going outdoors. I usually wear a thermal vest, a t-shirt and a jumper.

7. Blanket
I like wrapping up in my blanket when I am watching TV. It helps me to keep warm and snug. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post.


Gwen said...

Cute onesie!

Butterfly said...

Nice tips, most of them I already use it, but I don't have onesie ;)

Jannie said...

You look so cute in the onesie. <3 Gorgeous makeup too in the scarf picture. :)

Hot chocolate in the winter is definitely a must. It's so nice keep warm with such deliciousness while being curled up in a blanket. :D

Great winter tips there. Take care and stay warm. :)


Eye See Euphoria said...

I totally love the onesie. Thanks for sharing.

Eye See Euphoria |

Caro * said...

So adorable <3
I really love your post and your pictures :)

k-valerie said...

I love this post
Could you check out mine 😊

Keli v. xx

Tanya said...

@Gwen: aww thank you! :) :)

@Butterfly: That's good :)

@Jannie: Thank you sweetie! :) Thanks for the compliment about my make-up also. I agree about the hot chocolate and being curled up in a blanket. Thank you for your comment!

@Eye See Euphoria: Thank you and your welcome!

@Caro *: Thank you so much beautiful!

@k-valerie:Thank you and yes I will check out yours!

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