Thursday, 12 December 2013

Day 3- Fun at the beach

Hi bloggers,

This day was really exciting as me and my family went to the beach. The beach was surrounded by many restaurants and bars which I liked as I was spoilt for choice. I also practiced swimming in the sea because I am not a very good swimmer but I found it really fun. It also made me realise how unfit I am because I could not swim for very long distance.

The pictures below are of me at the beach wearing my topshop bikini pants and also of two scenery pictures. 

Thank you for reading



nice pics, cute top! :)

Editor said...

Love your ass ;)

Couture Carrie said...

So fun!
Love that bandeau!


Dhalia Edwards said...

looking at these photos makes me cant wait till Summer time beach days. Love the beach!


Tanya said...

@ANDYSTYLE: Thank you :)

@Editor: haha thanks.

@Couture Carrie: It was :)and thank you :)

@Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards: I'm glad these photos make you look forward to it. I love summer too.

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