Sunday, 13 October 2013

Turkey Photo Diary- Day 2 (Daytime Outfit)

Hi bloggers,

I apologise for not blogging for so long. I have been busy moving house and have not found the time to update my blog. So I have to update my blog when I find time which is becoming impossible lately.

In this post, I am continuing my daily outfits that I wore in Turkey. On day 2, I went to the pool in my cut out swimsuit and wore my metallic zebra print skirt on the bottom half.

The weather was amazingly beautiful. The staff were friendly and the entertainment around the pool was amazing to watch. I also jumped into the pool and had fun in the water.

Here are the pictures below, enjoy!

The sun was in my eyes when I took this photo.

Going for a walk to see the beautiful scenery.

I love this picture of me.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, stay tuned to see more.

Thank you for reading


Sybil said...

it looks so amazing and fun where you are at! :) looking forward to more posts!

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Isa said...

Hey beauty :) would we follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Maybe also on Instagram and twitter (widget on my blog), what do you mean? Regards from germany

Lorena said...

Yay Turkey !
I was able to visit s few months bag and it was spectacular. I hope you enjoy it.

Tanya said...

@libys11: Thank you, it really was. I enjoyed it. Keep coming back to see more posts :)

@Lorena: I did enjoy it :) It's an amazing place.

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